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Rainy Sunday

Ugh. It’s been a day and a half here!

I’ve been working on my super awesome project for the last two days.
Hopefully I’ll have it done and ready to share by Tuesday when I have help putting it up.

Got a bit side tracked when a neighbor stopped by to tell me my turkey was down by her barn.
Cut to 1 hour traipsing trough the woods looking for the hen.
Almost caught her once but then she got away.
We lost her about 1/2 mile from the house so I’m hoping she’ll hear the toms (all 4 are gobbling up a storm these days) and make it back.

So far we’ve been incredibly lucky with predators. We’ve lost one duck and 2 polish hens that refused to go in the barn at night, preferring the life threatening strategy of sitting in the middle of a field.

Who wouldn’t come back for this? Check out that beard!

I’ll keep you updated!