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Crafty Supply Boxes

This is part one of many. You see, I have a craft room. It’s still a bit of a dream for me.
I. Have. A. Craft. Room.
And it’s a disaster. So bad I can’t bring myself to show you. That’s right. I’ll cheerfully tell you I did laundry next to two tubs of chickens for months but I won’t show you my craft room. It needs organization. Badly. And it needs cheap. I don’t have a real budget or time line. But I’d like to spend as little as possible by using what I have on hand and get it done ASAP so I can focus on my garden planning and outside stuffs. In an earlier post I talked about being a crash organizer. I need baby steps. (Actually I need a miracle) I need to make this so easy for myself that I can’t NOT be organized. 
I started out by sorting some piles of stuff. I figured out what stuff I had a lot of and assigned some photo storage boxes (these are available everywhere and always on sale somewhere) to different categories. I used my Slice and white adhesive vinyl to cut out some fancy shapes and labels. 
The Paint Box:
Just so happens that 8 bottles of paint (Apple Barrel brand, Americana ect.) fit exactly across! See! miracles! I used my finger to smear painted each cap so it matches the contents. Not only does it show the color but also the finish.
Black is gloss and orange is matte. Now I can tell at a glance what I have without digging through a box. AND I hope I can stop buying new paint for every project because I can’t find the one I need. It’s a sad. I was the same way with make up and such for dancing (seriously, ask me how many sets of fake lashes I have).