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WW: The Kitties of Our Lives

I talk about the puppy a lot, he’s nice and fluffy and loving.

But before we had Mr. Alfie, we had our Beast.

We adopted her from a kitten adoption drive at Petsmart in 2009
She owns us. She grew up with Mike and I. And the chinchillas.
She loves me and Mike. She still sleeps on me and loves to cuddle.
She HATES everyone else. Except my mom, sometimes.
The puppy has actually helped a lot. She’s much nicer now.

 We still call her “The Beast of **** Road”
She answers to ‘Rita’ and Beast

She is actually a ‘replacement kitty’

One day in October my mom was walking by her house (in the back woods) and found a tiny kitten.
I was working at a pet store at the time so she called me and asked if I wanted him.

We said yes and drove home to get him.
We named him Zed. He was our little zombie.
We spent about 8 hours at vet offices and $400 over three days.

He died in the night.
These are the only two pictures we have of him.
He is buried at my moms house.
I still cry when I think about him.
We try to find comfort knowing he got to be loved for a while.

 He is the reason we have our Beast.
We took all the stuff we bought him to donate to the Cat Coalition.
I was busy crying when Mike was telling the volunteers what happened.
I started petting a kitten and she started licking me.
That was the beginning of the end for us.
I made Mike call the landlord for permission (we rented).
He got yelled at because it wasn’t a “Sunday Question”
But we got the kitten.

 And our lives have never been the same


  1. lol, the basket on the table is cracking me up!
    Happy WW! Please stop by =)
    xoxo, bree
    **also a new follower, please follow back if you can!

  2. I love the pictures. Cats are so entertaining.

  3. Aww kitties. I’ve toyed with the idea of getting a cat, but with the dogs i’m not sure it’s a great idea.

    I tagged you for 11 things, if you wanna play 🙂