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WW: A Few Good Eggs

It seems like the girls are kicking it in to over drive a bit early, but I’m not going to complain! I’ve been getting at least 18 eggs a day [I got 22 last Saturday!] for the last few weeks. 
For those of you counting I’ve got 28 hens. 7 Brahmas, 7 Silver Laced Wyandottes, 2 Blue Laced Red Wyandottes, 2 Buff Silkies (tiny but I get 1 silkie egg a day!) and 10 TSC chicks (at least 2 white leghorns, and some crazy egg hybrids). 
 18/28 might not seem like an awesome ration but I’ve got several girls that are showing signs of moulting (I wouldn’t want to lose my feathers just yet, it is only February!) and a few that the roosters pay a little too much attention to, if you get my meaning. Those ladies look a bit rough. The TSC specials are all fairly svelte compared to my brahmas and wyandottes so my guess is they aren’t laying too much with the cold weather.
I love the variety in size, shape and color I get from my backyard buddies. Even though I collect them every day, it still amazes me that those dumb little birds manage to provide me with food and income day in and day out.
 At the moment they are the only animals that contribute to the household income. 
[The alpacas are trying to convince me that they poop and their poop is good for the garden so they will in fact, be paying me lots come garden time]
We also have this on our kitchen counter:
Those are the eggs that are so dirty I don’t waste the time cleaning them or that freeze (and crack) or that I manage to crack on my way in to the house. Those go to Mr. Alfie. The cat doesn’t really like eggs unless she thinks she’s getting something away from the dog.
Sometimes if we have a lot of ‘bad eggs’ we let kids throw them at roosters. 
But you didn’t hear that from me. 
(Those boys are bullies!)


  1. I wish we had space for a chicken coop. I had one growing up and I had this kind of absurd love of those chickens. I would hang out in the coop and pick them up and walk around with them. You know how chickens go all limp when you grab them? My 6 year old brain thought that meant they loved me, not that they were brain-frozen in terror. Anyway I miss fresh eggs. Can’t wait to move out to the country where I can have space for a zoo…

  2. so interesting!!

  3. Love the variations in color. They look so pretty!

  4. I cam across your site today via “Tatertots and Jello,” and I must say, your farm living really appeals to me! But alas, living in a Subdivision does not lend itself to such a lifestyle, so I will live vicariously through your blog as a new follower… ;0)