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Late Winter Haircut

Have I mentioned how lucky I was to get this house?
I’ll tell the whole story at a later date, but it really was a whirlwind!
I feel like this house was meant to be mine.
So many little things that wouldn’t mean a thing to most people sealed the deal for me.

We’ve got 3 established grape vines, a mulberry tree and a rhubarb patch.
[There were strawberries but during the time no one was living there the deer finished them off!]

Earlier this week it was really warm here in NY so I decided to take on some ‘late winter’ chores. Those grapes I mentioned? They got a long needed haircut. Grapes need to be pruned quite heavily to get the best quality fruit. These guys are trained to wires (good!) but they last owners basically ignored them so they turned into Cousin It. I’ve never pruned grapes before but with the help of a few book and youtube I learned enough to get myself in trouble.