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How to Make Homemade Scent Blocks for your Warmer


Hi I’m Sarah & I have a little blog home over at Renewed Upon a Dream.  I’m so excited to be here at Chicken Scratch today to share a little project with you.  Thank you so much Alecia for having me!  I described on my blog last week how I visited my brother last December & his house smelled amazing.  I have been testing different products to make my house smell great ever since.

One of the things I’ve been using has been wax warmers.  I have two.  One is a table-top warmer that is by Better Homes & Gardens from Walmart.  The other is a wall plug-in warmer from Scentsy.  Another thing I’ve tried is candles.  My favorite candles are always the ones that come in glass containers.  They seem to last the longest & the wax is contained, so that you don’t have to clean melted wax off of candle holders and/or tables etc. once your done with the candle.  However, I’m always sad when the candle does finally become so melted down that it is no longer burnable.  At this point, I’ve always just thrown the used candle out.  But no more!  I have a new use for these burnt down candles….

Woot!  Are you as excited as I am?  I have a bunch of old candles that are too burnt down to be of use anymore.  But I love their scents, so they had been sitting in my dry sink, feeling sad & alone while I figured out how to reuse them.

I have previously made some old candles into new candles, in new containers by melting them down & adding new wicks.  But after having my warmers for a few months, I thought that old candles could make wonderful new scent blocks as well!  To do this, just take some of your old candles & put them in the microwave to melt them down.  I put mine in at 50% power, for 5 minutes.  Our microwave is ancient though, like from 1985 or so, so you’ll want to keep an eye on them as warming power & time will totally depend on your microwave, but this power & amount of time works best for mine.

While the wax is melting, get your molds ready.  I used an old cupcake tin with some cupcake liners because that’s what I had.  I recently saw some rubber-y reuseable cupcake liners at the dollar store that I might purchase for this in the future.  I also think it would work wonderfully to use those rubber-y ice cube trays.  The hardened wax would be super easy to pop out of those, but I didn’t have any on hand.  You could also probably use the leftover container from an old scent block that’s been washed out.

When the wax is melted, carefully take it out of the microwave & poor even amounts into your molds.  I always make a mess doing this, so be prepared for that.

Then just wait for the wax to re-harden.  Once it’s done, pick them up out of the tin & separate the wax from the paper/rubber holding it.  Pop it in your warmer & there you go!

I really love this as a way to use up those last little bits of wax in these candles.  The wax always still smells lovely & is great for days in the warmers.  I hope you give this a try the next time your candles run out of wick!

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  2. Oh my goodness, I SO needed to read this post!! I love this idea. What a great idea for using up old candles- I seem to have so many of them and I just end up throwing them away with a bunch wax still in there. Thanks for sharing!