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Archives for January 2012

New Look

I’ve had a few people mention that they, uh, hated the color of my blog.
So I decided to take advantage of the Last Days of Picnik and switch it up a bit!
So, what do you think? 
I know it’s simple but so are my computer skills!

Canvas Baby Decor

I did my first ever guest post earlier this month over at Domestic Deadline as part of her Beat the Winter Blues Party. In case you missed it here it is again:

This project is a bit out of my realm. My little sister is having a baby sometime between this month and February. I needed a quick (because I procrastinate with the best of them) and cheap gift that she wouldn’t get from anyone else.

I’m no where near the first person to cover canvas with pretty fabric and hang it on the wall but I did add a little twist. I use fabric (don’t bother washing it but do iron it really well), spray glue, scissors and a canvas.

Cut your fabric at least 1.5 inches larger on all sides. If you want to feature a specific part make sure it’s near the center. I tried to center the blue onsie (without cutting off the ducks head) on this canvas.

Spray the fabric with the spray glue then flip it over and smooth out the fabric with your hands. Then flip it back over and tightly smooth in two opposing sides pressing the fabric down on the back side. There are a few ways to finish up the wrapping, I’d recommend trying whatever method you use to wrap gifts. You might need a few more sprays of glue. repeat with the second canvas and you’ve finished 2 out of 3!

Paint the 3rd canvas to accent the fabric.

While it’s drying pick a motif from the fabric that you like. Iron either paper-backed fusible webbing or freezer paper to the back. Then cut it out as close as you can get.

I use my Slice cutter to cut a 4 inch tall ‘B’ from the Applique Basics card. (The baby’s name is Bentley). Make sure the paint is really dry for the next step!

 I put the item to be glued (in this case the duckie) inside a plastic bag, spray it and them pull it out. Spray glue gets all over the place if you aren’t careful!

Glue on the letter and the duckie and you’re done!

These are super light weight, I have a set in my hallway that I hung with push pins.

I haven’t tried it but in theory the fabric should peel right off if you get sick of it.

Cheap, easy and versatile? Oh yes. You can have it all!

Once again thanks to Emily for letting me take over her blog for the day!

Sunday Suprise!

I got a bit of a shock this morning. There I was, taking a shower. 
And suddenly I was not alone. 
Hang on! This is rated G (for golden!).
I had half (a huge) puppy in the shower with me. Alfie loves to lick water off his people. Today he must have gotten anxious and decided not to wait for me to get out. 
Silly puppy. But we love him!

Vanilla Bean Creme Brulee



(and egg yolks, but that doesn’t sound as good)
I stepped outside the dessert box and made Creme Brulee. 
I used the recipe from Serious Eats
I’ve never made or had Creme Brulee before but I have to say, this was delicious.
It was creamy and cracking the top was fun! 
I used eggs from my chickens and heavy cream from a local farm (I bought a gallon to make butter).
This recipe makes a. lot. of yummy. 
Next time I’ll only make a 1/2 batch. It’s a simple technique that I can’t wait to play around with. 
Coffee? Mint?
So many options!

Don’t Forget: 
Win A Necklace! (ends 1/31)

A Marvelous Mess

WW: Maggie

This is Maggie. She is a miniature Scottish Highland heifer. She isn’t ours (thank goodness!). She belongs to Mikeys mom. She came from the same auction as Dorothy. The two of them lived together for a year until we moved. She started out really shy. 
Now she’ll stick her head in your pocket if she thinks you have a cookie.
Did I mention the horns?