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Hold it! Drop That Tree!!

This is for those of you with real trees; 
those of you with fake ones keep on eating cookies and eggnog!
Give them to your Goat! 
mmmmmmm pine
This little charmer is/was Phoebe (now shes called Ante).
This is actually about 75% Christmas Tree and 25% Snow. 
The trees serve several purposes. 
The goats and llamas will strip them pretty fast. 
The late, great Cuzco (brown) best. llama. ever.
This is actually Dorthy’s final ‘wallow’ from last years semi-dead cow adventure. When she got up they decided to move in. These trees were actually placed around her for wind/snow breaks.

Behind the chubby Miss Sophia you can see trees placed around the emu (don’t ask) barn, it keeps the snow from blowing in and adds some insulation. They also create fun pockets of joy for the chickens. The ducks and chickens peck but I’m sure sure they really eat anything.
Her… uh good side. The trees provide free forage for the goats and llamas in the winter when hay is expensive and greenery is hard to come by. In theory the wood that’s left can be shipped up and used in stall. Usually we just have a terrifying bonfire in the spring.
Last year they stopped counting around 200. Several local towns started dropping off trees by the trailor load.
Don’t have access to a goat? 
Look for ‘tree recycling signs’ or ask at a feed store, like TSC.
Most farmers I know would be glad to show you around in exchange for a tree.
Check with local zoos, I know a big cat sanctuary in Florida took a bunch and gave them to the cats to claw.
One more reason not to use tinsel!

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  1. This is so sweet I can hardly stand it! Thanks for sharing at Overflowing with Creativity! I’m excited to continue being inspired by you in 2012!!! XO, Aimee

  2. I was so happy to see your post in my Google reader. I had no idea that cows and goats would eat pine trees. They are just little recycling machines aren’t they. I enjoyed my little trip to your farm.

  3. Not a lot of cows and goats in my LA neighborhood. Great pics though.

  4. What a great way to recycle, giggle.Thank you for linking up at Thursday Favorite things at Katherines Corner xo

  5. Don’t have any cows but great tips for recycling a live tree. Didn’t know goats eat pine trees. Learn something new.

  6. That’s one cute cow.

  7. Thanks for the laugh! I hope she enjoyed the tree! We had a goat once at it ate EVERYTHING!

  8. Your goats are so cute! How many do you have? My parents have two, so I have a soft spot for them 🙂

  9. Hi! Visiting from tt&j. I wish I had a goat to give our tree to. Such a good idea. Or city actually picks them up and puts them on the beach to help build up the sand dunes for hurricane season. Kinda neat. 🙂

    I would love for you to share this (and any of your other favorite posts from 2011) at my Friday link party if you get a chance 🙂

  10. So fun! I didn’t know they would do that! How awesome! Visiting from the Sunday Social. New Follower!

  11. Your place looks like a whole lotta fun!! Thanks for doing a post on recycling Christmas trees and for sharing it at Kiss & Tell over at my place! Bravo! I’m sharing this on my Facebook page <3

  12. I love this idea! Happy New Year. I hope yours is full of joy, peace, love and creativity!

  13. I love this post!!! I found you at Sunday’s Best. The picture of your doe caught my eye. I am an animal lover and had goats while growing up.

  14. What a great idea, I had never thought of that. We don’t have goats, just horses, but my in-laws have goats. Thank you for sharing :o)

  15. Wow. That’s really cool. I didn’t know that you could feed goats trees. Great way to recycle. I’m a new follower from Sunday Social. Please visit me at

  16. What a fun post! Great for the environment and the goats! 🙂 Thanks for sharing at Savvy HomeMade Monday!

  17. You had me at ‘give it to your goat’ … not sure how that would go over with my Chicago neighbors!

    Was directed here through Debbiedoos. Am following along … (actually, even before Debbiedoos …)

  18. Hi – you caught my attention with the goat as well – how funny! Great idea though – why not “upcycle”?? Found you through Debbiedoo’s – welcome to the newbie-hood! 😉 Cheers, Joy

  19. Who knew that goats eat pine trees? I had no idea! Thanks so much for sharing such a fun tip!


  20. Cute post! I’m having a Linky party too! I would love it if you would link up your favorite posts. Here is the link

  21. You have the cutest little goats, and so sorry to hear about that Cuzco, the llama who’s in great llama heaven. I enjoyed reading this post, and didn’t know goats ate pine trees. I guess someone needs to think they taste good. So many uses for old Christmas trees. Thanks for sharing your creative inspiration over at Sunday’s Best

  22. I don’t use real– but these are great tips for those who do. Hadn’t thought about animal sanctuaries or zoos…
    And! love the NO Tinsel tip as well.
    came by way of the newbie party- Pat

  23. Thank you so much for joining my linky party! This post rocks!