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Twisted Felt Wreath

If you have a computer you know that yarn wreaths are EVERYWHERE. But because I’m stubborn like that I refuse to make one. Actually, it’s probably because I’m lazy. I hear they take forever and a day to wrap the yarn. Felt wreaths on the other hand, not quite so overexposed, and faster. Faster is key. The twisting pattern is based on these garlands from purlbee.
  • Straw Wreath form (mine was 14 inches)
  • Red, Green and White Felt
  • Scissors
  • Needle and Thread (or glue gun, if you happen to know where yours is)
1. Wrap white felt around wreath form.
2. Cut felt strips from the red and green. You need wide (~2 inches) and narrow (~1 inch) strips of both colors.
3. Place narrow strip on top in wide strip. Fold in half and cut a 1 inch slit.
4. Pull one end of the felt through the slit you made
5. Start attatching the twisted strips to the wreath. It can be a bit fiddly but just keep going. You will have overlap in the center and just ‘kissing’ on the outside.
To make yours look like mine, alternate using red and green for the bottom strip and make sure the V’s all point to the center. The thread wasn’t too bad but a glue gun would have made it faster. On the plus side, I didn’t burn my self.
Obviously this is on a chair, not its Christmas home. T-day dinner is at my house this year so all the Christmas decorations are hiding in closets and the craft room looks like the North Pole exploded. I’ll be spending Black Friday putting up decorations and I’ll have better pictures then.
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  1. Very festive, I love it! Thanks for stipooing by my blog!

  2. Thanks for stopping by PitterAndGlink to comment on my snowman! This wreath is too cute! The twisted felt technique is neat. 🙂

  3. That is really neat! I never saw something like this before! Thanks for linking up to Latest and Greatest Friday!

  4. Cool! This would be great in a rainbow of colors! Thanks for linking up to the Head to Head Showdown! Jen @

  5. This is adorable! you did a great job. thanks for sharing with my newbie party. PLEASE add my button as well…thanks!~

  6. ooooh that is so cute!!

  7. Sooo creative and beautiful.. I absolutely love this.. I have a linky party happening for Christmas ornaments and I will LOVE for you to please share this lovely feature with me and my friends please : )) — officially following your lovely blog with smiles :)) wishing ya a great start to your week. TY