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Sticky Love: NoSew DIY Magic


I’m in Love. Capital L Love. I shouldn’t even be posting. I should be cleaning. Party this Sunday remember? I’ve been on a rampage to finish (and start) projects to make my house look really, really good. One such project has led to my current emotional affair. I even took pictures on my phone and sent them to people. If it wasn’t raining I’d take it to my neighbors for a play date. 

 I’m a pretty crafty person. I can sew with the next-to-the-best of them. But… I’m known to indulge in a short cut or two. This is the perfect 10 minute (or less!) project. Due to the Crazy PreParty shenanigans I don’t have any in progress pics. If anything is confusing ask and I’ll get some up next week.
All you need is an iron, some fabric, a pillow case (I made this one but you could just buy a plain one) and some paper-backed fusible web. They have it at Joanns, about $2.50 a yard. You need maybe a 1/4 of a yard for this project. I will say while you’re there, buy more.  
Step 1. On the paper side of the web draw out tree shapes and trunk shapes. Be creative, they don’t have to be based on actual trees. Cut out around the shapes leaving 1/8 to 1/4 inch all around each shape. 
Step 2. Following the directions for your web adhere it to your fabric scraps. I used red, oranges, yellows and brown for my leaves and different browns for the trunks. 
Step 3. Cut out around the shapes you drew. Don’t use your good fabric shears, this is paper after all. 
Step 4. Lay the shapes out on the pillow case. Move them around until you like how it looks. 
Step 5. Peel off the backing and start fusing, working from the  back to the front. Over lap a little to make it look more forest-y
Step 6. Enjoy!
You could sew around each shape, and if you thing your fabric will be washed a lot its best for longevity. However… I’m lazy so I didn’t. I will be using this same process for some winter/Christmas pillows (That’s what I saw in the BHG Holiday Crafts 2010 magazine) and probably add some decorative stitching.

I love the yellow-checker board bubble-tree
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  1. I love this pillow case!! So flipping cute! That fusible stuff is awesome! I’m still learning how to sew anything that isn’t a straight line, so this stuff comes in handy! Thanks for your sweet comment on my owl ornaments! Hope you’re having a good weekend!