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Save the Coleus!


Who doesn’t love cheap gardening advice? I know I’m always looking for ways to get that Fine Gardening/BHG/Martha OMG garden look without having to eat my cow for food (really she’s too cute). I’m not sure where I found this tip, I think it was Fine Gardening magazine. Honestly I read everything so I can’t be sure.  

All you need is a coleus plant. Preferably one you like. You don’t even need to really own it yourself. Not that I encourage plant larceny but if a little piece happened to fall off while you were looking I wouldn’t judge. You want to pinch of a tip piece, two big leaves and then the center of small leaves.
These are a month or so old, you don’t want them this big
Then you stick it in a cup of dirt, water and place in a window. Keep it moist and voila! No more buying annuals (I haven’t yet kept one over the winter but people do grow them as house plants so I’m thinking it can be done). Nothing will happen for a while then BAM your kitchen window is a jungle. For plant newbies, south facing window is best if you have one.
DO NOT try to use a bigger piece, the roots won’t grow fast enough and the lower leaves all die. I tried this following a chicken-related plant fatality and I ended up with a sad looking plant. See the one in the bottom left? I rest my case