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Archives for October 2011

I’m Alive!

I know it’s been a while, sorry followers (all 2 of you!). A lot has gone down and I’ll fill you in on it later. For now I thought I’d share a contest with you. Arrow Fasteners is holding a dream room contest worth $10,000. I’ll be honest, I’ve never won a contest or giveaway ever. But I entered anyway. You see I have a terrible bathroom. It’s shameful. I ‘painted’ a quick blueprint.
First off, the walls are two colors. Two horrible colors. One is a greenish mustard and the other is a rusty pumpkin-brown. Without the mustard I might like the brown. Together it’s like something you might find in a diaper. And it’s not like one wall is yellow and one wall is brown. Oh no. That would be understandable. Instead it’s a random patchwork of ugly. 

Second, it’s a pretty long room and there is only one light. Where you ask? Over the sink where someone might like to apply make up? Nope. Over the toilet. My boyfriend is quite ok with this one. I am not (guess who wears makeup?). The light switch is also a pain in the booty. 
That white box is the light switches. Did I mention that closet door doesn’t actually latch shut (see the door stop)? We hide the kitty litter in there because the cat likes to chew on the bag and eat the (clean) litter. Sometimes she gets the door open. Imagine stumbling into the bathroom (you have to pee) in the dark running face first into the closet door then getting your hand stuck in the towel ring. Good times people. Good times.

As you can see we haven’t even bothered to get towels that match the bathroom (the tan is from a set we got at the housewarming). The bathmats are new. We tend to keep the house on the cold side so I whined until we went to Bed Bath and Beyond and got the two mats and the ‘toilet hat’. Mike mocked our first toilet hat until he realized the cat liked to sleep on it. Then it became ok. 
Bad pic but it’s the best I can do. It’s not awful. Its just boring. I’m a bubble-bath lover and I’ve yet to find a comfy tub. The best I’ve had was an old fashioned claw-foot in my college apartment. I miss that tub. I really want a tub I can relax in. Especially now that we have hot water again. Did I mention the week and a half where our hat water heater died? No? It sucked. 
Over all it’s not something I see an easy fix for. If it was just the color I’d have painted it already. The whole lay out is bad. We can’t afford to move the toilet/tub/sink/remove the closet/add a light. It’s sad. When I show people the house it’s the one room I don’t even have a plan for. You know it’s bad when people pity you because of your bathroom.

Sticky Love: NoSew DIY Magic


I’m in Love. Capital L Love. I shouldn’t even be posting. I should be cleaning. Party this Sunday remember? I’ve been on a rampage to finish (and start) projects to make my house look really, really good. One such project has led to my current emotional affair. I even took pictures on my phone and sent them to people. If it wasn’t raining I’d take it to my neighbors for a play date. 

 I’m a pretty crafty person. I can sew with the next-to-the-best of them. But… I’m known to indulge in a short cut or two. This is the perfect 10 minute (or less!) project. Due to the Crazy PreParty shenanigans I don’t have any in progress pics. If anything is confusing ask and I’ll get some up next week.
All you need is an iron, some fabric, a pillow case (I made this one but you could just buy a plain one) and some paper-backed fusible web. They have it at Joanns, about $2.50 a yard. You need maybe a 1/4 of a yard for this project. I will say while you’re there, buy more.  
Step 1. On the paper side of the web draw out tree shapes and trunk shapes. Be creative, they don’t have to be based on actual trees. Cut out around the shapes leaving 1/8 to 1/4 inch all around each shape. 
Step 2. Following the directions for your web adhere it to your fabric scraps. I used red, oranges, yellows and brown for my leaves and different browns for the trunks. 
Step 3. Cut out around the shapes you drew. Don’t use your good fabric shears, this is paper after all. 
Step 4. Lay the shapes out on the pillow case. Move them around until you like how it looks. 
Step 5. Peel off the backing and start fusing, working from the  back to the front. Over lap a little to make it look more forest-y
Step 6. Enjoy!
You could sew around each shape, and if you thing your fabric will be washed a lot its best for longevity. However… I’m lazy so I didn’t. I will be using this same process for some winter/Christmas pillows (That’s what I saw in the BHG Holiday Crafts 2010 magazine) and probably add some decorative stitching.

I love the yellow-checker board bubble-tree
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Save the Coleus!


Who doesn’t love cheap gardening advice? I know I’m always looking for ways to get that Fine Gardening/BHG/Martha OMG garden look without having to eat my cow for food (really she’s too cute). I’m not sure where I found this tip, I think it was Fine Gardening magazine. Honestly I read everything so I can’t be sure.  

All you need is a coleus plant. Preferably one you like. You don’t even need to really own it yourself. Not that I encourage plant larceny but if a little piece happened to fall off while you were looking I wouldn’t judge. You want to pinch of a tip piece, two big leaves and then the center of small leaves.
These are a month or so old, you don’t want them this big
Then you stick it in a cup of dirt, water and place in a window. Keep it moist and voila! No more buying annuals (I haven’t yet kept one over the winter but people do grow them as house plants so I’m thinking it can be done). Nothing will happen for a while then BAM your kitchen window is a jungle. For plant newbies, south facing window is best if you have one.
DO NOT try to use a bigger piece, the roots won’t grow fast enough and the lower leaves all die. I tried this following a chicken-related plant fatality and I ended up with a sad looking plant. See the one in the bottom left? I rest my case

Halloween Tour: Buffet


Update : Added better pictures of the mini-quilt

When you have an orange wall it’s easy to decorate for Halloween. Christmas? We’ll see.

There is so much going on in this one place that I’ll stick with the buffet and do the rest later. The buffet itself came from Salvo (Salvation Army to those not in the know). It was $45 and scuffed up brown with dirty hardware. Four cans of Valspar Almond later it was starting to come together. Slap on some Hammered Copper (my obsession) on the hardware and we’re good to go.
Here’s the fun part. Everything on the buffet either came from a garage sale, a relative, FREE or I made it. The entire set up cost less than $10.
This is actually on my dining room table, not the buffet (I cheat)  
My favorite


I did the embroidery at work, I had a coupon so the designs were $1 each. The fabric was all scraps from work, I believe the dark brown is organic espresso (ooooh!), the orange and off white are denim.
As you can see I jumped right on TWO bandwagons this year.
I’ve been seeing stuffed fabric pumpkin tutorials everywhere. I think I saw this one but I didn’t really follow her steps. I used remnants of quilt-weight cotton and yarn for the pumpkins and rolled up pieces of upholstery fabric (from the TV stand cover) for the stems.  I didn’t measure at all. That’s how I work. See something, do it my way. I think mine turned out pretty cute.


And the dead tree. I showed pictures of people with dead trees in their homes to my boyfriend. He told me no. So I did it when he was gone. I did use a smaller dead tree than planned. I needed the height to connect the buffet and shelf mantle. Right now I really like it bare but I might add a simple garland or some ghosts. Ideas? The crock was 75 cents and it’s filled with rocks I didn’t use for the fish tank.

I can not get a decent picture of the cloche to save my life. It’s actually a cheese platter from my boys grandma. It’s covering turkey S&P shakers. When you raise turkeys people buy you fake turkeys.

The right side. I got the candle sticks for $1 (for all 3!). I hate the color but it’s low on the list of crap to do at this point. The milk glass dishes both came from garage sales as well as the silver dish.

The plate in the center is a white turkey that came from a garage sale for a dollar (see a pattern here?). Any one else notice my cat slinking in to all these pictures?

The Shelf
The house where I grew up had an amazing huge fireplace with stone mantle. I miss it. The only thing I really don’t like about my house is the lack of fireplace (and the color of the bathroom but I can easily change that). The shelf was $25-ish at Lowes. This part of the display was more costly than the buffet part.

This is blurry but it shows the color of the wall better. I really like the shadows from the bat garland.

The lantern on the left is from Michaels. The little turkey dish, his name is Wilfredo, from Joanns. More of my little pumpkins and the Chicken. He doesn’t have a name, any ideas? He came from a garage sale. He was pink. I like this much better, don’t you?

I’m in love with these little crows from Michael’s. My cat loves to stalk them so I can only put them up high. The candle holder is from Pier 1, got in on clearance last year.

This little guy is on the wall next to the buffet. The shelf is from Hobby Lobby, it was $2.50 with chipping black paint. Guess what color it is. Go on. Guess! Yeah, the old stand by Hammered Copper. In another life I was a belly dancer and this is one of my genie lamps. The spiders were a gift from the boy (ain’t love grand?)

Hope you enjoy part 2!
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Halloween DIY #2 : Giant Lawn Spiderwebs

Long ago (my second post I believe, not really that long ago) I promised a second spider decoration.  This one if for the great outdoors. I got the idea from my boyfriends family. Every year his mother criss-cosses and tangles yarn all across her porch to make a giant spider web, complete with a tangled up Barbie doll.

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