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Hello and congrats for finding My Blog!

About Me: I read a lot of blogs and now I’m joining in with one of my own. I am 23 and just bought my first (and lets hope only, I spent the entire buying process on the verge of vomiting) house. I live with my boyfriend/fiance (long story there) of 5 years and a zoo. We have a small farm-in-progresss outside and more pets inside. You’ll meet them all soon.

I am a ridiculously creative person. I’m always making things or thinking about making something. For the first time I have a craft/sewing room OF MY OWN! A definite plus with home ownership. Another plus, I can paint/build/garden ect to my hearts content. I paint, sew, crochet and engage in general crafting. I also love pintrest… who doesn’t?

What to expect: Excerpts from my life including the adventures of living in the country with 2 cows (Dorothy and Sophia), 2 alpacas (George and Fred), 13 turkeys (Gobbles and harem), 45+ chickens, 6 ducks and the house-hold bunch – RitaBeast the kitty, BunBun (or Bunny) the bunny, Jeeves and Matilda Fluffywhumps, the chinchillas and Pollo and Pavo the Quaker Parrots (told you it was a zoo). Also DIY projects and reviews of things I like/dislike. Basically a whole lot of everything.

Stay tuned later for 2 easy Halloween (my fav!) tutorials, one inside one outside

Hint: Both involve spider webs!