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Fresh from the Garden: Bok Choy


Because we didn’t move in until Mid-July we didn’t really have much of a garden this year. By the time we got two beds in (4*16ft filled with llama poo and topsoil from a local garden store) there was time for minimal planting. I put in 3 types of peas, cole crops and some late carrots. It’s been really wet here this year, so far we’ve missed the major flooding but have had standing water on the lawn and the chicken coop has gotten pretty moist.

The first harvest of the season was this pak choy. I had to pull it up before the stems really filled out, which made me sad, but it was starting to bolt.
Starting to flower, pull them at this point!
Notice how the flowers look like broccoli? They are relatives, all in the brassica group. Also related are cabbage, kale and turnips. Also, see the bug chomps? Tasted fine anyway.
I only pulled a handful of plants, I’m still hoping the others will flesh out a little more. Because I only had a few I waited for my boyfriend to go to work so I could eat them all. 
All I did was pop off the roots (ok, i used my fingernails and threw the root ends at the chickens). Then I rinsed them in the sink. Poured some olive oil in a large pan and added some chopped garlic. 
In the pan
I was impatient (and hungry) so I tossed in some orange juice. Added some steam too. They cooked down pretty quickly overall.
Finished product. On the new picnic table built by the boyfriends brother.
The citrus was a good plan, worked well with the bite of the garlic and the choy. You can see in the pic how wimpy the stems are, would have been so much nicer if they had been plump.
Over all this is how I cook. Throw it together and see what happens. I work for a chef… don’t tell on me?