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Down On the Farm: Meet the FuzzButts

Say hello to George and Fred. Or as they would say hmmmmm.
(NOT the Harry Potter twins)
They are both male alpacas. They are the newest additions to the farm. They are incredibly sweet and generally low maintenance. They are a bit skinny at the moment (really under all the fiber they are quite wee) so they get grain in the morning and evening, fresh water and free range of the pasture. They get shots 1x a month for parasite prevention and regular toe clipping and yearly shearing. 

Grass, Yum
My long term goal is to spin yarn from their fiber but even if that never happens the boys are so worth the ‘trouble’. No matter what happens at work I come home and they make all seem ok with the world.
The boys expect me to follow them so I can make food appear in the bowl
Some people use alpacas and llamas for animal assisted therapy. They are both a bit too skittish for that right now, but they like to be hand fed and are ok with some petting so hopefully we can work our way up to it. It would be a nice way to ‘give back’ and all that jazz

 Fred being dramatic
In a nutshell alpacas are Fuzzy. And awesome. And Fuzzy. 
Stay tuned for more gratuitous fuzzball pics