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Countdown is On!


The date is set. Date for the housewarming party that is. I have until October 16th to get my house ready for public consumption. I have quite a list already and even more that’s not written down. The only things that really need to get done are the cleaning and the moving of ‘stuff’. We still have boxes in the spare room (which will likely stay there until the end of time) the garage is a mess and a few totes in the living-room. 

Room by room play-by-play:


  • Finish the Chalkboard. I got really excited when I saw spay-chalkboard paint and bought green instead of black. Not a good look with the orange frame. I did manage to get the frame hung and leveled, just waiting on the paint.
  • Put curtains on the window. I’ve got the fabric, just need a rod and to make the curtains.

Dining Room

  • Fix the swag above the sliding glass door.
  • Make runner for the buffet.
  • Banner for ‘mantle’ 
  • Finish the stuffed pumpkins. 

Living room

  • Leaking fishtank….. 75 Gallon tank decided to leak all over the hardwood floors
  • Finish halloween table runner for coffee table
  • Finish lamp shade
  • Clear out the chest and tubs/boxes 
  • Finish afgan 

Craft room – yeah right. That’s the winter project, same with the bedroom. See our cat is… well… demonic. She is very, very loving. To me. And my boyfriend. Everyone else? She hates. She actually trapped a friend of mine in the bathroom until I could come to the rescue. 

She likes my mom a little, but then again we (the cat and I) lived with her for about 6 months and my mom fed her sometimes. The plan is to lock the cat in the bedroom while everyone is there. She’ll have her litterbox, water and food and hopefully none of my guests will bleed. And she won’t get out, she is a 100% inside kitty who likes to escape if she feels ignored. 

Expect pictures with updates